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Our Mission is to Build Futuristic Digital Life for Businesses and People.

Our Vision is to solve the problem faced by the industries via Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Internet of Things to work Smarter, Safer & Better.

We have built our own Augmented Reality Engine which are affordable, reliable and customizable for Industrial AR Applications.

We are known in the industry for delivering customized Augmented Reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR) | Internet of Things (IOT solutions using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

FocuzAR Engine

Focuz Augmented Reality Engine is developed in-house to power the AR applications which can augment, recognize and track the images, objects and scenes. We are helping industries to create interactive and immersive AR applications for Smartphones, Tablets and Digital eyewear across Android and iOS.

Brick Engine

Highly Appreciated Marketing and Sales Tool for Real Estate Industry which act as a Story-Teller, Lead Generator as well as a Booking Engine. Our Vision is to enable Real Estate indsutry to be Future-Ready with our Revolutionary Tool.

Interior Suite

Mind-Blowing Tool for Interior Designers, Home Decors and Architects which Enables the Home Buyers to choose the interior of their Dream home in a Matter of Minutes and within the Budget using Virtual Reality.

Looking for a customized AR VR MR IOT Solutions

Looking for a customized Augmented Reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR) | Internet of Things (IOT) application for your organization or customers ?
Then you are in the right page. Our Team of Experts will work along with you and deliver
the exciting Augmented Reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR) | Internet of Things (IOT experience perfectly based on your needs.

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Augmented Reality (AR) is used to visualize the computer-generated images, Videos and graphics in a real-world environment. AR can be experienced through an Smartphone, Tablet or with AR Smartglasses. Here the Camera detects a target image, and can figure our how close or far, and at what angle, the target image is from the camera. It then projects digital information onto that target images and its Augmented Reality.
Virtual Reality (VR) is an Artificial environment which makes it possible to experience computer-generated images, videos, objects and graphics in a Virtual world. VR can be experienced through an Head-Mounted display or simply with Google Cardboard inserted with Mobile Phone.
Mixed Reality (MR) is the result of merging the physical world with the Virtual world. MR can be experienced through an MR Smartglasses like MagicLeap and Microsoft Hololens or even through an Smartphone which scans the real world and enable the user to interact with the digital content placed in the physical environment.
The internet of things is the extension of internet connectivity into physical objects. IOT enabled devices can communicate and interact with each other over the internet, and can be remotely monitored and controlled. Simple example for IOT is Google Map App which communicates to several other internet connected mobile devices and pushes the Traffic updates in Real-Time.


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